Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Oakville Call

Call Newspapers Legal Problems - Ignoring the Law
For those new to our blog, below is just some of the legal problems Bill Milligan and the Call Newspapers have been involved in.

Litigation versusWilliam & Deborah MilliganConcord Publications, Inc
dba Call PublishingCall Newspapers·
Case #21C94-18795 Landlord, Darrel D. Climer back rent for over $11,000 Release of Garnishment Oct 27, 1995.· Case # 21C97-23879 State of Missouri Failure to pay taxes,· Case #681813 Alonzo Potts- Former Business Partner with Call Publications sues the Milligans and the Call for Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Breach of Contract, and Fraud ($30,000).· Case # 97CC-001749 continued action to settle previous case by Alonzo Potts- Judgment #781307, March 26th, 2003.· Case # 21S90-02371 Small claims by Lockos, hostile work environment· Case #21S90-02372 by Voyles· Case # 21S96-01019 by Service Assurance CorporationAgainstWilliam T. Milligan· Case # 21B901359 07/17/90 Adult Abuse brought by Deborah S. Baker (spouse)· Case #21C98-04554 Failure to pay account Commercial Phone Marketing· Case #931976939 Failure to register vehicle· Case # 932000078 speeding· Case #96010990 Failure to register· Case #76151990 Failure to appear· Case #90030990 speeding· Case #7651990 Failure to appear· Case #21-94TR-011892 speeding· Case #94TR-11892· Case #95TR-7291· Case # 90TRTR-26455 Disobeyed red light· 2 cars were totaled in 1990!AgainstDeborah (Baker) MilliganCase # 613949 Dissolution of marriage 08/14/90

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