Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Looked at the Concord Call.

It's been a while. Ever since the Call Newspapers honored my request not to send me their trash, I haven't read the thing. I came close yesterday when I went out of my way to pick one up. My wife and I have decided to buy a new car. This is a big decision for us so naturally I had to do some homework. I didn't read their paper and I tried my best not to notice their advertisers, except for automobile dealers. Fortunately, none of the dealers here in South County had an ad in the weakly newspaper. That was good news because I couldn't buy a car from one of their advertisers. That made my shopping experience much more enjoyable!


Crestwood Independent said...

Mike, go to Dave Sinclair! He is a retired police officer (St. Louis City,) and has always treated me, and my family right!

He has a bunch of stores in south county, so whatever your looking for (except a chevy!) I am sure he can help.

Tom Ford

Anonymous said...

That's where I started. Dave has been good businessman/citizen here in S. County and I believe everyone should give him a shot at their business.
Mike Heins

Anonymous said...

Dave Sinclair refused to make good on his promise to repair a defect in a 2006 Crown Vic I bought from him. Beware!

SouthCountyMike said...

I think everyone's had an issue with an automobile dealer that wasn't resolved to their satisfaction. It isn't fair to criticize without giving your name.
Mike Heins

Future Writer. said...

Support our news papers! BTW it is weekly not weakly, if you read the news papers maybe you'd be able to distinguish that.

SouthCountyMike said...

7:58 Well Future Writer, you sure got me with those super editing skills. Perhaps if you reflect on my post, you might detect my intentional typo. Also, I think their called "newspapers."